At Horizon Camps we believe that camp should be a part of your youth ministry and not an outlying event. We have two camp planning meetings where we develop the next summer’s theme with you, based on where your ministry is at or what direction it is headed over the course of the year. We believe life happens after camp and we want to structure camp in a way that it becomes a conversation starter that your students can continue after they return home.

Horizon Camp Planning

Has your student ministry ever planned camp and taken care of all the details– finding a location, booking your worship leaders, or writing your curriculum? It puts a lot on your plate and leaves you burnt out when it’s over. Or maybe you’ve been on the other end of youth camp, where someone else does all the programming and you don’t have input into the theme, structure, and philosophy. But what if you did?

Our goal is to meet you somewhere in between. What if you had a voice in camp planning, but didn’t have to put every detail together? Would you like to be heard in the development of camp? We meet twice a year to discuss the issues affecting your students and how we can design a camp to meet those needs. Like you, we value creativity, quality, and freedom. Our Camp Planning Meetings are an opportunity to make camp apart of your ministry.

The following dates for camp planning are:

Tuesday, September 24, 2013: Abilene, TX @ 9:30 AM

Tuesday, October 1, 2013: DFW Area

Tuesday, January 28, 2013: Abilene, TX @ 9:30 AM

Email us to RSVP or if you have any questions.


Camps 2014: Dates and Forms

Session 1 Middle School Camp (Grades Completed 6th-8th)-  June 18-22, 2014

Heart of Texas Camp - Brownwood, TX

Band: Randy Wood Band

Speaker: J.R. Baker

Director: Jimmy Smith


Session 2 Youth Camp (Grades Completed 6th-12th)-  June 23-27, 2014

Heart of Texas Camp - Brownwood, TX

Band: Randy Wood Band

Speaker: Russell Johnson

Director: Kevin Boyd


Download the registration form below and email it to

2014 Administration Registration Info

2014 Registration Form

Signature Camp Events

Filled with music, videos, games, and other surprises, this is a time when we highlight youth ministers and students. From 80s to Western to Beauty and the Geek, we program Celebration around a daily theme and max it out with tons of energy. This aspect of camp gets better and better each year. You never know what to expect at Celebration!

Block Party

At the close of each day, campers pack the house for our themed Block Party. We provide the music, entertainment, special guests, and concessions. You dress up and provide the rest. This event has gained momentum since its inception and is a student favorite. During Celebration the next day, we give shout outs to the students with the best outfits, costumes, and spirit.


Registration time? Registration is from 12:00-2:30 PM on each of the camp grounds.

Conclusion of camp? The final Celebration for camp finishes at 10:15 AM on the final day. At this point all students will load up on their bus/van and make their way home, therefore check out of rooms should take place before the final Celebration.

Dress code? Horizon does not enforce a dress code at camp, this includes swimming, evening services and daily activities. If you choose to enforce a dress code among your students this will need to be enforced by you and your volunteers.

Sponsors? The role of sponsor is to be a small groups leader. If the correct number of sponsors are brought by each church most small groups can have two leaders per group. Please inform your volunteers that they will be in charge of a group of 8-15 students with a possible partner to assist them.

Need to bring money? Students will have the opportunity to purchase band merchandise, as well as things from the Horizon gift shop. Throughout the week there will be snacks, drinks, and snow cones available for purchase during Rec time, Block parties and other opportunities.

Block parties? Students are encouraged to “go all out” for Block Parties and dress according to the themes. Games, prizes, and snacks will be available. By setting the example as the youth minister or intern, we would suggest you dressing up and enjoying the party and in turn your students will follow the example set for them.

Things not to bring? General electronics are not allowed at Horizon camps, including iPods, cell phones, DVD players, laptops, hand held gaming systems, ect. If someone on the Horizon staff sees any of these items they will be confiscated and returned to the youth minister.