Apply for Horizon Leadership Camp

It's simple. Here's what you need to know.


The Basics:

  • Application due on or before May 29 regardless of week.

  • Apply for either Week 1 (June 12-16) or Week 2 (July 15-19)

  • Full Attendance is Required (No showing up late or leaving early)

  • Cost: Same as if you were going to camp as a regular camper

  • Space is Limited


What You Can Expect from Us:

      Intentionality   ~   Leadership Training   ~   Freedom to Fail


What We Expect of You:

A Servant's heart   ~   Flexibility   ~   Be a team player


The Process:

  1. Pray about your involvement in HLC. Understand the commitment involved.

  2. Fill out the questionnaire linked at the bottom of this page by Sunday, May 29.

  3. Have your Youth Pastor contact Horizon to confirm your application.

  4. Shortly after May 29, notifications will be emailed to each applicant.



  • You need to already be serving in your home church. This doesn’t mean you have to be ready to take your youth minister’s job, but if you are not accustomed to serving, then what we ask you to do will be even more difficult.

  • You need to be a team player. You will likely not be the only person in this role at camp, which means you will be working with other people, and that can be messy. Be willing to give some things up for the good of the team.

  • You need to be teachable. Leaders can take instruction and learn. There will be issues arise where adaptation is key. No one is an expert, and we will all make mistakes in the process. Ultimately, remember this week is about growing your leadership ability.

  • Be willing to step out of your comfort zone. We are expecting HLC to be a week that helps you grow, and that happens best when we are pushed.